FollowDisAct Campaign

The FollowDisACT Campaign coined from the words ‘Follow Disabilities Act’ is a 5 year campaign project to coordinate a national conversation on the Nigerian Disabilities Act of 2019.

This campaign is designed with the aim of monitoring, tracking, reporting and driving the implementation of the Discrimination against persons with disabilities Act, 2019. By creating a robust awareness programme on both traditional and social media, this campaign seeks to promote the social inclusion of the community of persons with disabilities through civic engagements on inclusion in Nigeria, access to basic social amenities, essential services, and the full integration of persons with disabilities into the mainstream society.

This campaign provides a platform to amplify the voice of the community of persons with disabilities, engage all stakeholders from the private, public, and civil society sectors as well as promote the social inclusion of persons with disabilities in various sectors. In the next 5 years, this campaign aims to reach 30million Nigerians through different mechanisms of engagements, orientation and reporting. Since its launch in September, 2019, 10 million Nigerians have been reached with a message of inclusion with continued engagements on social media, radio, television and institutional engagements.

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